Mindfulness for Engineers


Date Topic Guided Meditation
Mar 02, 2020 Introduction to Mindfulness
Mindfulness of the Body, Part I
20 minute body scan
Mar 09, 2020 Mindfulness of the Body, Part II
'The Four Desires' writing exercise
20 minute walking meditation
Mar 16, 2020 Resourcing 20 minute lovingkindness meditation
Mar 23, 2020 RAIN: Handling Difficulties 25 minute guided RAIN practice
Mar 30, 2020 Mindfulness of Thoughts and Beliefs 20 minute meditation on mindfulness of thoughts

List of common beliefs that weigh us down

20 minute meditation on beliefs that weigh us down
Apr 06, 2020 Putting it all together:
Recognizing Our Substitutes
Posted after class
Apr 13, 2020 Make-up day for any
weather-related cancellations
Posted after class