Mindfulness for Engineers

Have you heard about the benefits of mindfulness, but think it is not for you because you are not the laid-back, touchy feely, herbal tea-sipping meditator type?

This secular course is specifically designed for the non-laid-back, non-touchy-feely but mindfulness-curious demographic by a teacher who is a non-prototypical meditator.

Students will learn how to integrate mindfulness practices into the realities of modern life, such as performance reviews, quarterly financial results, dissertation defenses, burnout due to personal and professional stresses and losses, and the joys of life, such as eating chocolate, playing with pets, and reading Harry Potter.

Mondays, March 2 -- April 6 2020
7:00pm -- 8:30pm
BitSight Technologies Offices
20th Floor
111 Huntington Ave, Boston MA